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Gevorg, Andrei

Hero of the Soviet Union
Was born on February 17, 1924 in Rostov-on-Don.

He was in intelligence since February 1940. He headed the special group of uncovering fascist intelligence officers and agents in Tehran and other cities of Iran, which only in 2 years uncovered more than 400 persons related to German intelligence. In 1943 during the Tehran Conference, he took a part in the works of ensuring the security of the leaders of the “Big Three”.

In 1951 he graduated from the Yerevan State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages. Afterwards, he was an undercover intelligence officer in different countries of the world for many years. After retiring, Colonel Vardanyan lived in Moscow.

Died in 10.01.2012.

Hero of the Soviet Union Gevorg Vardanyan with his wife, Gohar Vardanyan, during the years of intelligence work abroad

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