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Marius, Aram

Was born in 1924 in Batum.

Since 1943 worked in the state security bodies. In 1943-1944 was a student of the school of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs in Tbilisi. In 1944-1945 – assistant case officer of the 1st Division of the 4th Department of the Lviv District of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, deputy commander of guerilla units operating behind enemy lines.

In 1945-1954 transferred to operative work in the state security bodies of the Ukrainian SSR.

In 1955-1978 hold different positions in the central administration of the State Security Committee (KGB). Was deputy chief of illegal intelligence of the First Main Directorate.

In 1978-1988 – Chairman of the KGB of the Armenian SSR. Was murdered in 1993.

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