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Mikhail, Andrei

Was born in 1900 in Shushi.

Having graduated from the Shushi Gymnasium, he was officer of the external intelligence since 1919. In 1923 worked in the Eastern section of the Joint State Political Directorate. In parallel with his work, he graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Frunze Military Academy.

1925-1930 he was seconded to Iran, since 1928 he was chief of station. 1930-1933 he worked in the central administration of intelligence. 1933-1934 was stationed in Austria, Switzerland and France, 1934-1936 – in Afghanistan, 1936-1938 – in Turkey. Having returned to Moscow, he worked in the central administration of the external intelligence. 1941-1944 he was stationed in Kabul. 1944-1947 headed the information section of the external intelligence. In November 1947, he was appointed deputy head in educational and scientific issues of the Higher School of Intelligence of the Information Committee.

Died in 1968.

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