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Gerasim, Martin

Was born in 1903 in Dagestan.

1932-1935 studied in the Japanese Section of Faculty of Diplomacy of the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies. 1935-1937 was audience member of the Eastern Section of the Institute of Red Professors. Knew English, Japanese, and Turkish.

In 1937 officer of People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs of USSR. 1944-1945 was stationed from the external intelligence to Tokyo. 1945-1949 was stationed in North Korea. 1951-1954 was stationed in India. 1954-1959 worked in the administration of the First Main Directorate. Since 1962 taught in the F. E. Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the State Security Committee.

Died in 1976.

Կանխի՛ր կոռուպցիան