11 july 2022

One More Case of High Treason Committed by Serviceman Detected by RA National Security Service

One More Case of High Treason Committed by Serviceman Detected by RA National Security Service

As a result of effective operative-search measures taken by the Counterintelligence Department of the RA National Security Service, it was established that the citizen of RA, being a serviceman, on duty possessed information containing state and official secrets. 

Under the described conditions, the latter, getting acquainted with a representative of foreign intelligence services through the social network “ok.ru”, was recruited by him, after which, by correspondence, transferred to him information constituting a state and official secret of a military nature about the purpose of a military unit, the types of subdivisions included in it, the deployment of a combat position under the protection of their unit, the furnishing of combat positions, other data related to on combat duty, as well as the personal and service data of the commanding staff of the military unit, photographed and sent the buildings of the military unit, combat positions, the evening check log of the company, the fire card of the combat position, the military book, thereby committing high treason by espionage to the detriment of territorial integrity and external security of the Republic of Armenia, for which he received a monetary reward through bank transfers.

Within the framework of the criminal case initiated in the Investigation Department of the RA NSS on the case of high treason, the mentioned citizen was detained and gave confessionary statement, after which on the basis of the facts testifying to the commission of the crime, by the decision of the prosecutor, the latter was charged and arrest was chosen against him as a measure of restraint.

The RA National Security Service once again urges servicemen to refrain from establishing acquaintances with suspicious persons through social networks or in other ways, as well as from discussing issues and transferring to them information related to the security and defense of RA.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.