31 january 2022

Another Case of Abuse in Process of Vaccination against "Covid-19" Pandemic Detected

Another Case of Abuse in Process of Vaccination against "Covid-19" Pandemic Detected

As a result of complex operative-search measures taken by the employees of Yerevan City Department of the RA National Security Service, within the framework of their functions in the fight against crime, factual data were obtained that, not being officials, public servants of one of the polyclinics of the Yerevan Municipality, which has in the field of medical activity the authority to vaccinate against coronavirus infection, for apparent illegal inaction within the framework of their powers, namely, to ensure the receipt of a certificate confirming vaccination, but without actual vaccination against coronavirus infection (COVID-19), received various amounts as illegal remuneration from persons who visited the polyclinic, creating the appearance of vaccination of the latter, and destroyed the vaccine intended for those persons. As a result, on the basis of false information about the alleged vaccination provided by the mentioned employees, the personal data of the persons were entered into the “Armed” system, which is an official electronic document, on the basis of which a certificate of vaccination with personal data and photographs of each person was automatically issued in this system.

The materials prepared on this fact, in accordance with the procedure established by law, were sent to the RA Anti-Corruption Committee, where, within the framework of the initiated criminal case, the mentioned medical workers were detained.

The National Security Service urges citizens to refrain from illegally acquiring fake documents on vaccination against the Covid-19 pandemic and using them, since the act is criminally prosecuted, at the same time it warns that it will continue to carry out a consistent fight in the direction of detecting and preventing similar criminal phenomena, as well as bringing those guilty to justice.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his/her guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.