26 january 2022

Preliminary Investigation Completed in Relation to 2 More Persons in Criminal Case Initiated in Connection with Incidents of Organizing Mass Riots on 10 November, 2020 in Yerevan, as well as Participation in Them (video)

Preliminary Investigation Completed in Relation to 2 More Persons in Criminal Case Initiated in Connection with Incidents of Organizing Mass Riots on 10 November, 2020 in Yerevan, as well as Participation in Them (video)

In the Investigation Department of the National Security Service of RA, the preliminary investigation on the criminal case initiated in connection with incidents of organizing mass riots in the buildings of the RA Government, the National Assembly and other objects of state importance and public places continues on 10 November, 2020, with the use of violence, pogroms, destruction of property, damage or armed resistance to a representative of the authorities, participation in them and other incidents, within the framework of which factual data were obtained that the chairman of “Alternative” non-governmental organization Narek Mantashyan, with the intention of organizing mass riots, being at the site of mass riots that had already begun, in order to expand their geography and spread to other territories, in the Government building, he appealed to the media, in the Government building, he appealed to the media, covering the process of events live at that moment, as well as to the participants in the mass riots, during which, apparently distorting the reality, reported false information that officials were allegedly trying to leave the country, and then called for actions involving violence against persons, destruction or damage to property, namely blocking the road leading to the “Zvartnots” airport, which is considered a specially protected object, as well as the Government residence and forcing to commit violent acts against officials, not allowing any of officials to leave the country, thus directly directing the actions of the crowd carrying out mass riots, directed the latter to the places indicated by him, and in his turn also went to the “Zvartnots” airport, which was the venue of the events, thus controlling the implementation of his criminal intentions as an organizer.

As a result, the persons participating in the mass riots in the Government building, including another defendant in the case, G.G., with the intention of committing mass riots, immediately went to the “Zvartnots” airport, where they committed and took part in the mass riots, accompanied by pogroms, destruction and damage to property, in the course of which, by joint efforts, they damaged the front door and window of the security post located in the mentioned “Armenia International Airports” CJS Company, illegally entered the territory of the departure and arrival hall for high-ranking official delegations, where, through swinging, they broke and damaged the fastenings of the fence and illegally entered the runway, which is a restricted area, then for a long time disobeying the legal requirements of the security officers and police officers of the “Zvartnots” airport, attempted to approach at that moment the airliner making another international flight with passengers and stop the movement of the airliner on the runway and to search it illegally, in the course of which, threats of violence were voiced, thus endangering public safety, disrupting the normal operation of the airport, creating a real threat to the life and health of others.

In addition, as a result of the above-mentioned organizational actions of Narek Mantashyan, more than 50 people from the participants in the riots, who were in the building of the RA government, with the intention of organizing mass riots under his leadership, immediately started to the residence of the RA Government and, overcoming the entry barrier to the Government residence, damaging opened them, entered the territory of the residence, and then into the mansion allocated to the RA Prime Minister, destroying and damaging various property located there, and also stole various objects, thus committing mass riots, accompanied by the destruction and damage of property.

At the same time, factual data have been obtained in the criminal case that Narek Mantashyan, participating in the mass riots taking place in the RA Government Building No. 1, openly stole the RA flag attached to a wooden flagpole from the corridor of the third floor, worth about 55,000 AMD and took it out of the building.

In the conditions of a body of sufficient evidence obtained in the preliminary investigation, Narek Mantashyan was involved as an accused for committing the described acts and arrest was applied as a measure of restraint against him.

The National Security Service informs that according to the results of the preliminary investigation carried out in the mentioned large-scale criminal case, a total of 10 criminal cases against 29 persons have already been singled out and sent with an indictment to the prosecutor with a motion to send the case to the Court for examination on the merits.

In the criminal case, large-scale and various operative-search and investigative actions continue to be taken in the direction of identifying other organizers of mass riots, their role, the full picture of crimes committed, establishing the identities of other persons related to the case, initiating criminal prosecution against them and, as a result, effectively implementing the principle of inevitability of criminal liability.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.