25 september 2021

Cases of Abuse of Official Powers and Commission of Forgery by High-Ranking Official of RA Armed Forces in Process of Supplying Ammunition for Needs of RA Armed Forces Detected

Cases of Abuse of Official Powers and Commission of Forgery by High-Ranking Official of RA Armed Forces in Process of Supplying Ammunition for Needs of RA Armed Forces Detected

Within the framework of effective operative-search measures, investigative and other procedural actions taken during the preliminary investigation of the criminal case being investigated in the Investigation Department of the RA National Security Service, a body of sufficient evidence was obtained that the Head of Aviation of the RA Armed Forces- a high-ranking military officer holding the position of the head of the department, being officio aware of the fact that missiles manufactured in 1985-1991 were imported into the RA in 2011 by one of the companies supplying weapons and ammunition, and some of them were acquired by the RA Ministry of Defense at an affordable price, about the need to return to the supplier company due to the expiration of the calendar period and unsuitability for the intended use and transfer to the RA Ministry of Defense for further storage, also having information that the supplier company was unable to sell the mentioned poor-quality missiles, by prior agreement with a group of officials, abused the official position, undertook the process of purchasing expired missiles intended for operation, the technical condition of which did not meet the required standards, at a high price, and as a result, the process of paying off accounts payable of the same company before the RA Ministry of Defense. For this purpose, with a single intent to achieve a criminal result, without a comparative analysis of the prices of similar goods on the market, as a result of fictitious bidding, by mutual agreement, the price of one missile unit was set at 1,100USD and not taking into account the real demand for the acquisition of similar missiles in MoD, submitted a requisition of purchase of missiles in large quantities. Moreover, the technical characteristics being a part of the contract, were brought into line with the data of the goods actually transferred for storage to the MoD, a note was also made on the compliance of the purchased goods with the “second category” requirement, the conditions of which made it possible not to take into account calendar terms, as a result of which an agreement was concluded with the company on the purchase of missiles worth 2,277,323,840 AMD.

In continuation of his actions, the same official, without inspecting and testing the goods, in the act of acceptance of material resources, being an official document, drawn up by the commission acting under his chairmanship, in the conclusion on the results of the execution of the drawn up contract or part of it, included false information about the absence of non-conformities, on the conformity of all goods with technical characteristics and gave a positive conclusion, as a result of which missiles with an expired calendar period were accepted to the central warehouse of the RA Armed Forces, not meeting the technical characteristics, unsuitable for long-term storage, at a price significantly higher than the market value, on the basis of which an especially large amount of 4,655,200 USD, equivalent to 2,277,323,840 AMD, was unreasonably transferred to the supplier's account.

As a result of the mentioned actions, damage on an especially large scale – 2,277,323,840 AMD was caused to the state, which entailed grave material consequences, namely, the normal activity of the armed forces was disrupted, at the expense of the funds allocated to the RA MoD, missiles were purchased that did not meet the technical characteristics and needs of the RA armament, at a price significantly exceeding the market value, with an expired shelf life for operation, which is also evidenced by the fact that some time after the delivery, some of the missiles were not fired and were written off the balance, and the rest of the missiles were not used at all, including during the 44-day war that began on 27 September, 2020.

The former high-ranking official of the RA Armed Forces was detained on suspicion of abuse of power and commission of forgery, which entailed grave material consequences. He was involved as an accused on the grounds of the relevant articles of the RA Criminal Code, and a motion was filed to the court to apply arrest as a restrictive measure.

The necessary investigative and other procedural actions are being taken in the direction of identifying the full scope of persons involved in the corruption scheme and giving appropriate criminal-legal assessment to their actions, restoring the damage caused to the state as a result of the crimes committed.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.