23 july 2021

Cases of Crimes Committed by Group of Officials Detected

Cases of Crimes Committed by Group of Officials Detected

Based on materials prepaired in Tavush provincial department of the RA NSS, factual data have been obtained that during 2011-2017, a group of high-ranking officials of the relevant state department, by prior agreement, committed large-scale embezzlement, as well as out of personal interest or group interests, did not fulfill her official duties, which, through negligence, caused grave consequences.

Thus, in accordance with the RA frontier security and state frontier complex management ensuring 2011-2015 action plan, 2.649.209.000 AMD was allocated to the municipality of Tavush of the RA to pay as compensation to the owners for the alienation of real estate owned by physical and legal entities, for the implementation of construction works at the checkpoint across the state border of the RA “Bagratashen”.

Under the pretext of implementing the above-mentioned program of measures, in order to perform actions within the limits of his powers in favor of H.A., who held high positions first in the customs of the State Revenue Committee, and then in the Territorial Administration, on 26 December, 2011, through the Tavush municipality, they concluded a purchase agreement with him for the sale of a hotel, a pumping station and a land plot for servicing public facilities owned by the latter and located in the Bagratashen community of Tavush province, according to which H.A. sold the land plot encumbered with the mentioned structures to the Republic of Armenia (in the face of the State Revenue Committee under the RA Government) for 206.137.500 AMD, however, the former owner continued to actually own and use the mentioned property, and it did not serve the purposes established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. Thus, a group of high-ranking officials of the relevant state departments of the Republic of Armenia squandered the funds allocated by the state for a special purpose on an especially large scale.

Then, the same officials did not take measures to use the mentioned land plot, acquired and owned by the RA, and the buildings located on it for their intended purpose, and H.A. continued illegally, without an agreement concluded in accordance with the procedure established by law, until May 2017 to operate, under the name of an IP interdependent with him, which are state-owned, the hotel complex and the land plot located at the mentioned address, to lease to various organizations and individuals, to receive income in especially large sizes.

As a result, significant damage was caused to the legitimate interests of the state, the state was deprived of the right to own and use real estate belonging to it by right of ownership, use it for the intended purposes, receive material benefits which, in turn, entailed, through negligence, grave consequences.

In connection with the case, a criminal case has been initated in the Investigation Department of the RA National Security Service on the grounds of Article 179, Part 3, Clause 1 and Article 308, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.