16 july 2021

Cases of Receiving Bribe in Especially Large Scale by RA SCR Officials Detected

Cases of Receiving Bribe in Especially Large Scale by RA SCR Officials Detected

As a result of complex operative-search measures carried out by employees of Lori Provincial Department of the RA National Security Service, factual data were obtained that the head of Lori division of the Investigation and Operative-Search Diractorate of the RA SCR having reached a prior agreement with the case officer working under his direct subordination, distributing roles among themselves and joining forces, for knowingly illegal inaction during May-June 2021 within the framework of their powers, namely for non-registration of various offenses in the field of tax legislation and not bringing administrative justice, failure to bring perpetrators to administrative justice, non-registration of violations revealed during inspections, demanded and received from economic 4 entities engaged in entrepreneurial activities in Lori region, a bribe on an especially large scale - a total of 1.900.000 AMD, which was divided among themselves.

Within the framework of the criminal case initiated in the Investigation Department of the RA NSS, the mentioned tax officials, as well as the economic entities who gave them a bribe were detained on the basis of direct suspicion of committing a crime.

In the conditions of accumulation of sufficient evidence obtained during the preliminary investigation, the officials were charged on the grounds of Article 311, Part 4, Clause 2 of the RA Criminal Code, and arrest was applied against them as a restrictive measure. The director of the company who gave a bribe to officials in the amount of 1.000.000 AMD was also arrested, and non-custodial measures of restraint were applied against the other persons who had given a bribe.

Necessary investigative and other procedural actions are being taken in the direction of detecting, other criminal manifestations committed by officials, identifying the full circle of persons involved in the corruption mechanism and giving equivalent criminal-legal assessment to their actions.

The National Security Service once again urges economic entities to carry out their activities exclusively in the legal field and to refrain from corruption manifestations and warns that it will continue to eliminate take similar measures in the direction of complete eradication of corruption manifestations in various spheres of public life.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.