28 june 2021

RA NSS Detected Other Cases of Illigal Trafficking of Drugs in Espacially Large Amount with Aim of Smuggling and Use

RA NSS Detected Other Cases of Illigal Trafficking of Drugs in Espacially Large Amount with Aim of Smuggling and Use

As a result of operative-search measures carried out by the employees of Ararat regional department of the RA NSS, it was established that a citizen of Hrazdan city Kh.T., for a certain amount, instructed fellow countryman H.M. go by car to the Armenian-Iranian border, receive from an acquaintance, a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran, drugs smuggled into the RA from Iran in especially large amount, transport them to Hrazdan city and transfer them to him. The mentioned person left for Agarak settlement in Syunik province, having reached, during telephone conversations, the necessary agreement on the transfer of the drugs with an accomplice living on the Iranian side, next to the Armenian-Iranian border. On 22 June, 2021, at about 7 a.m., having received on the territory adjacent to the state border a package of drugs such as "marijuana" and "hashish" smuggled at the moment from the Iranian side to the Republic of Armenia in especially large amount - with a total weight of about 743 gram, an accomplice for the purpose of transferring to the customer Kh.T. went to Hrazdan city, however, the crime was not brought to an end, since in Yeghegnadzor city he was caught by employees of the RA NSS, as a result of which drugs in especially large amount were found and seized in the trunk of the mentioned car.

In another case, a citizen of the RA A.A., while in the Kingdom of Spain, for the purpose of selling in the RA for profit, as well as for the purpose of selling by transferring to other persons, illegally acquired "cocaine" type of drug in particularly large amount - about 57 grams smuggled across the state border of the Republic of Armenia on 22 June, 2021, hiding in disguise, and delivered to the international airport "Zvartnots" by a Barcelona-Warsaw-Yerevan flight, where, as a result of operative-search activities carried out by employees of the Department of Economic Security and Countering Corruption of the RA NSS and the Department of Anti-Smuggling of the SRC, during the passage of customs control, the drug in especially large amount was found and seized from him.

In the criminal cases initiated on the facts in the Investigation Department of the RA NSS, the mentioned three persons were detained, and then arrest was applied against them as a measure of restraint.

Necessary procedural actions are being taken in the direction of identifying all the circumstances of the cases, as well as establishing the full circle of persons involved in the scheme of illegal import of drugs through smuggling into the territory of RA.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his/her guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RA-by the court decision entered into legal force.