04 may 2021

Cases of Stealing Money in Especially Large Amount through Embezzlement, Abusing Official Powers and Committing Official Fraud by Former Head of Ghazanchi Community in Shirak Province Detected

Cases of Stealing Money in Especially Large Amount through Embezzlement, Abusing Official Powers and Committing Official Fraud by Former Head of Ghazanchi Community in Shirak Province Detected

As a result of operative-search measures taken by the employees of the RA NSS Shirak Regional Department, factual data were obtained that S. Gh., being the head of Ghazanchi community of Shirak province since 2012, by entering deliberately false information or entries into official documents for mercenary purposes, with a single intent, illegally, gratuitously, for mercenary motives, during 2013-2016 through misappropriation and embezzlement, stole the community's funds in especially large amount - 3.660.000 AMD, committed official fraud and abused official powers.


S.Gh., during 2014-2016, by order appointed A.H. as an accountant of the community and in the condions of non-attendance at work and non-performance of labor duties by the latter, drew up, approved, certified forged payrolls of working hours, other documents that are the basis for the payment of wages, in which he entered deliberately false information about attendance at work by the mentioned employee, performance of functional duties, etc. Then, having introduced documents with false content into circulation, he submitted them for payment in the form of a salary and a final payment, as a result of which from the community budget in the name of A.H.an amount of about 2.100.000 AMD was unreasonably written out.

Continuing to carry out the criminal intent aimed at stealing property on an especially large scale, S.Gh. by prior agreement with the tax agent Q.G. during 2013-2016 under the pretext of providing assistance to socially disadvantaged persons, he wrote out about 700.000 AMD from the community budget, which he did not provide to the mentioned persons, but having received it, committed theft by means of embezzlement.

In addition, S.Gh. in violation of the established procedure, that is, without the decision of the Council of Elders, to one of the limited liability companies providing legal services during 2013-2014 transferred 380.000 AMD from the municipality of the community to provide legal services to his wife V.Sh. and thus squandered the sums written out from the community budget.

In the same way, allegedly under the pretext of leasing property and equipment to the community, on 30 October, 2015, an amount of 300.000 AMD was written out from the community budget and embezzled it.

In 2016, S. Gh. together with the secretary of the municipality staff  E.G. also concluded a fictitious agreement, according to which he leased his personal Renault car to the municipality staff, allegedly for the purpose of using it for the needs of the staff, for which he received 180.000 AMD in total and embezzled it.

In October 2016, S. Gh., out of personal interest, single-handedly made a decision, drew up and used forged documents granting the right and having legal significance, organized a formal auction, as a result of which he provided his wife V.Sh. a long-term lease of the community-owned agricultural land of 2.45 and 3 hectares, as a result of which the legitimate interests of the community were significantly damaged: the community was deprived of the ability to dispose of, possession of property belonging to it and receive real profit in the event of a legal auction.

In connection with the mentioned incidents of embezzlement on an especially large scale by an official using his official position, abuse of official position and committing an official forgery, a criminal case was initiated in the Investigation Department of the RA National Security Service on the grounds of Article 179, Part 3, Clause 1, Article 308, Part 1, and Article 314, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his/her guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.