30 march 2021

Report (video)

Report (video)

Employees of the Department of Economic Security and Countering Corruption and the Syunik Provincial Department of the RA National Security Service, pursuing a consistent fight against corruption phenomena, cooperating with the employees of the Investigation Department of the RA National Security Service and the Department for Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes of the General Department of Criminal Police of the RA Police, detected cases of theft of other people's property on an especially large scale through fraud, abuse of official powers and exceeding official powers by the Deputy Chief of the Operational Department of the Sisian Police Department of the Syunik Provincial Department of the RA Police and other employees of the same police department.


Deputy Chief of the Operational Department of the Sisian Police Department of the Syunik Provincial Department of the RA Police G.M., by prior agreement with the inspectors of the community police subdivision of the same police division A.B. and G.H. from 14 December, 2020 until 24 March, 2021 including did not receive relevant reports from citizen H.G. about the embezzlement, arbitrariness, etc. committed from the stable, did not register the cases of crimes committed in the proper manner, instead, without having any powers established by legal acts, proceeded to resolve the dispute between the parties in a manner not established by legislation, thus apparently going beyond the scope of their powers.

In particular, the mentioned officials, having actually taken upon themselves the protection of the rights of the former owners of livestock, resolved the disputes between the parties out of court, after which, out of mercenary motives to obtain from H.G. material benefit, began the process of depriving him of his property, embezzlement of property on an especially large scale, receiving an especially large sum from the victim under various pretexts - 2,550,000 AMD, a car worth 1,000,000 AMD, which were stolen by them by fraud.

Moreover, under the pretext of allegedly identifying cases of theft of cattle, they took away from the territory of the barn the video cameras and components belonging to the victim for a total amount of 2,500,000 AMD, after which they refused to return them to the owner and in exchange for returning the stolen cameras and not selling them to another person, demanded from the victim a total of 700,000 AMD, part of which one of the police officers received on 25 March, 2021 under the control of the operational officers of the RA NSS.

As a result of large-scale investigative actions carried out in the criminal case, numerous things of importance to the case were found and seized, including stolen objects, animals, money, etc.

The above-mentioned police officers were detained, and motions were filed with the court to apply arrest as a restrictive measure against them, which were satisfied.

Active criminal procedural and operative-search measures are being taken in the direction of detecting cases of other corruption crimes committed by the mentioned officers of the Sisian Police Department of the Syunik Provincial Department of the RA Police and to establish the identities of citizens who have suffered as a result of these crimes.

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.