07 march 2021



Regarding the filming made from the car of Azerbaijani-speaking persons in the Syunik province of RA and the video disseminated on the Internet, the RA National Security Service clarifies that this video was taken by the Azeri servicemen on the segment of the Syunik-Chakaten settlements of the Kapan  community of the Syunik province of RA, who are there to participate in the trilateral working meeting of border guards organized a month ago, accompanied by Russian border guards and moving along a previously agreed route.

It is necessary to emphasize again that both in these and other adjacent areas relevant ongoing work is currently being constantly carried out, and on each occasion publications and non-official analyzes aimed at creating public tensions are inappropriate and unacceptable.

In order to avoid another diverse speculation and in addition to the statement published by the National Security Service on 20 December, 2020, it is also reported that at this stage, Armenian and Azerbaijani border guards (in their locations of deployment), in cooperation with Russian colleagues, are carrying out work on the deployment of border patrols on the Shurnukh-David Bek section of the Goris-Kapan interstate highway of Syunik province of RA.

In recent days, rumors circulating in the media and various social networks, causing inappropriate public concern about this section, are also not true.

The situation in all the mentioned areas is completely controlled by the Border Guard Troops of the National Security Service of RA, and we once again urge the population not to give vent to the information transmitted by fictitious sources, refraining also from disseminating the latter.