25 december 2020



From the very first moments of military actions unleashed against the Republic of Artsakh, the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia within the framework its functions, has waged an effective struggle in the direction of detecting cases of illegal acquisition, sale, storage, transportation from the Republic of Artsakh to the territory of the Republic of Armenia or carrying firearms, cartridges, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices, as well as restraint and prevention of possible crimes with the use as a weapon of the specified items prohibited for circulating.


In the period from September 27, 2020 to December 24 of the same year, in the RA National Security Service more than ten criminal cases were instituted and investigated and materials were prepared on the illegal acquisition, sale, transportation or carrying of weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices that took place during the war and caused by hostilities, in which a total of 4 machine guns, anti-tank grenade launchers with telescopic sight, 12 "AK74", "AKM", "AK-SU" and other types of assault rifles, 14 firearms with an telescopic sight with a high probability of hitting a target, 9 boxes with 5.45 mm ammunition, each with 2560 cartridges, 5 boxes with 7.62 mm ammunition, with 2168 cartridges of 7.62, 9.18 and 5.45 mm, according to their tactical and technical characteristics, causing significant destruction and having a high probability of being hit, 4 grenade fuses, 13 mechanical fuses, 1 reel of powder cord, Bickford fuse, 14 "RGD", "F-1" and other types of grenades, anti-tank grenade bodies, TNT cubes, devices for electrical detonation, TNT fuses intended for missile stations, as well as signal cartridges, revolvers, bayonet knives, parts and mechanisms for firearms and many other things and items prohibited for circulation were found and confiscated.

In the aforementioned criminal cases criminal prosecutions were initiated against a total of 18 persons, 16 persons were detained on the basis of direct suspicion of committing a crime, of which arrest was chosen as a preventive measure against 9 persons.

As a result of urgent investigative and procedural other actions and operative-search measures undertaken in the preliminary investigation of the mentioned criminal cases, it has been established that the weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices were acquired from various defensive regions of Artsakh and were intended or used in the military actions.

Persons involved as accused in the criminal cases hiding weapons and ammunition mainly in cars leaving Artsakh, illegally transported or tried to transport them to the Republic of Armenia, in some cases by prior agreement with several persons of the group.

The RA National Security Service continues to undertake active operative-search measures in order to find out other possible weapons and ammunition, illegally transported from battlefield to the territory of the Republic of Armenia, and to institute criminal prosecution against the guilty persons.

At the same time, the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia urges the persons who participated in the battles to voluntarily surrender to law enforcement bodies weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices that they have illegally transported to the territory of the Republic of Armenia or stored during the military operations or after the ceasefire was established, in order to act in the manner prescribed by law served as the basis for the release of a person from criminal liability.

The Investigation Department of the RA NSS