15 october 2020



The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia considers the statement of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan that the special services of Armenia allegedly prepare operations in major Azerbaijani cities as absurd, and categorically refutes the result of the sick imagination of the special services of Azerbaijan.

Such absurd statements are not subject to comment, however, we dare to assume that the loss of control by the military-political leadership of Baku over jihadist terrorists, extremist terrorist groups and their accomplices, who were transferred to the territory of Azerbaijan in industrial volumes, leaves official Baku with no other choice but to attribute to Armenia in advance an extremely predictable negative development of events.

The National Security Service once again declares with full responsibility that the Republic of Armenia never takes aim at the peaceful population of Azerbaijan, unlike our opponents, who a few hours ago for military failures unleashed their revenge on unarmed Armenian prisoners of war.

We are convinced that these terrorist actions, as well as the terrorist acts constantly carried out by Azerbaijan, including the targeting of civilians, children, hospitals, civilian objects, and even strikes in the direction of the church, will receive the toughest international assessments. Armenia is a responsible participant in international relations, today the special services of Armenia are forced to fight for a region free from international terrorism, for the peace and security of our citizens.