19 june 2020

Attempt of Disseminating Fake Information Detected

Attempt of Disseminating Fake Information Detected

The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, pursuing the implementation of functions and powers vested upon it by the RA legislation in the field of information security, continues to detect fake users who publish and disseminate fake information harming the security of the state, society and individual.

In particular, on 29 May 2020, in “Youtube” web-page «Qizil alma» Azerbaijani user posted one and a half minute edited video titled “Shocking confession of  Armenian architect about Yerevan: It’s not ours” on his page, in which a woman named Agnessa, answers in Russian to the questions of a man making the video. While in the Republic Square of Yerevan, Agnessa mentions that “In the past Yerevan used to be a village-like city. There were almost no Armenians living here and they were engaged in trade”.  While examining the video, it can be seen that it has been edited from another original video from which separate sentences were taken and combined with each other as a result of which the meaning and content of the conversation have been distorted. This edited video has been spread in the Azerbaijani mass media with a respective anti-Armenian textual comment according to which the Armenian woman “voices” that no Armenians lived in Yerevan. Exploiting this phrase, the Azerbaijani side emphasizes that this is another fact that “Irevan” is an ancient Azerbaijani city which was transferred to Armenians in 1918.

It turned out that the real video was made in February 2020 by Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov voicing the problems of the cities that he visited in the RA that time, and Agnessa offered her help to introduce Yerevan.

The talk in I. Varlamov’s video is about the part of Yerevan in the 1850s where in the past the Ghantari market used to operate – currently the adjacent part of V. Sargsyan Street – around which mainly Persians lived, but not Azerbaijanis, and Armenians visited that place for trade.

The noted fact once again proves that the Azerbaijani side is trying to “penetrate” into the history through garbling, but in fact it fails.

We once again urge the citizens of the Republic of Armenia to be more watchful, show caution, not to panic and not to share such videos, and in case of detection of such videos inform the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia about the users sending them.