29 october 2019



On the dynamics of prepared materials and initiated criminal cases in RA NSS as well as primary information transferred to the other law enforcement agencies during the nine months of 2019.

During the reporting period as a result of the implementation of the functions vested upon it by the law, 846 informational materials or primary information were transferred by the RA National Security Service to the other state agencies of RA in order to determine their further processing in the manner prescribed by the law, based on which, 223 criminal cases were initiated by the mentioned agencies.

Besides that, 223 criminal cases were also initiated in the RA NSS Investigation Department, based on the prepared materials in RA NSS, total of 446 criminal cases.

At the same time, during the reporting period, 111 criminal cases were transferred by the Investigation Department of the RA NSS to the other agencies by subordination from which, 81 to the RA State Revenue Committee, 22 to the RA Special Investigation Service, 5 to the RA SRC, 2 to the RA Military Prosecutor's Office and 1 to the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile on the above mentioned 111 criminal cases  the preliminary estimate total damage caused by the crime was 1.876.240.329 AMD and 256.000 US dollars from which 1.351.152.273 AMD was the amount of initial damage caused to the State,  12.164.052 AMD was the amount of damage caused to the legal entities, 512.924.004 AMD and 256.000 US dollars was the amount of damage caused to the physical entities.