28 october 2019



The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia pursuing the rigorous implementation of functions, vested upon it by the law, aimed at countering corruption and combating crimes against economic security of RA, as a result of the undertaken large-scale operational and search measures and investigative activities, detected a number of cases of apparent abuse of power and cases of facilitating that by a number of high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Justice, during 2011-2015, alongside with significant damage caused to the legal interests of the state and serious consequences therefore.

In particular, factual data were received according to which one of the economic entities, engaged in construction works based on RA Government decisions, has been permitted  to conduct construction works to strengthen the foundation and main walls of the real estate in Kentron administrative district of Yerevan, to construct three floors of the same building, as well as to conduct repair works in Abovyan Penitentiary Institution of RA MoJ and School N 47 of Yerevan –works worth 870 million AMD in total. In exchange for this the share ownership of the basement (925,65 square meters), first floor’s territories and land of the mentioned real estate in Kentron administrative district of Yerevan was to be transferred to the mentioned real estate developer and the latter was to be permitted to build new-5th- floor and loft with high ceiling (821 square meters in total) of the same building.

Within the framework of the process, the officials of RA Ministry of Justice, abusing their powers, using official position against the service interest, proceeding from their personal interest and interests of the group, with the help of other people, drafted and confirmed false official documents approving fulfillment of the above-mentioned works. The mentioned documents served as grounds for the Government decision to transfer the mentioned real estate to the economic entity and for state registration of the right of ownership on 23 December 2014, as well as for providing permission to build 5th floor and loft of the building at the same address.

Besides, while conducting the mentioned construction works, in 2013 the employee of the Ministry of Justice of RA illegally demanded from the director of the company conducting the above-mentioned construction works to provide construction materials to renovate his relative’s house. Meeting this requirement, the mentioned person provided construction materials-worth AMD 480 000.

As a consequence of the above mentioned activity, regular activity of the state body has been compromised while the requirements of governments decisions were not implemented given that a real estate of especially large value, belonging to the Republic of Armenia has been illegally alienated causing severe consequences.

Besides, during the period from April 2011 to April 2015 as a consequence of the abuse of official powers by the officials of the RA Ministry of Justice for the benefits of the certain group, the individual holding the position of a driver in the RA Ministry of Justice, was decreed the positions in the Staffing Plan of several other departments of the Ministry of Justice while continuing the implementation of his positional functions.

As a result of failure to fulfilling the relevant duties, substantial damage has been caused to the legitimate interests of the State and a payment of approximately 1.841.000 AMD higher than the driver's salary was paid from the state budget.

Օn occasion of detected cases, օn October 21 2019 criminal case has been charged in the Investigation Department of the NSS of RA, according to corresponding articles of the Criminal Code of RA. The preliminary investigation is underway.


Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA-by the court decision entered into legal force.