28 october 2019

Cases of Faking and Realizing of Official Documents Detected

Cases of Faking and Realizing of Official Documents Detected

The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia pursuing the rigorous implementation of functions, vested upon it by the law, to fight against crime and countering corruption, as a result of the undertaken operational and search measures, detected cases of faking and realizing of official documents granting the right, abusing power against of service benefit and committing of official fraud by an official, receiving  bribe in especially large amount and giving bribe in especially large amount to an official.

According to the factual data, during the period from January 2018 to 4 October 2019 two RA citizens have faked the official documents, such as technical inspection coupons and permission for exploitation of propane tanks for the purpose of sale which they sold to foreigners accordingly 15000 and 5000 AMD in the area of Yerevan Record and Examination division of the RA Traffic Police however  on 4 October 2019 they were caught as a result of operational and search measures undertaken by the officers of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia.

Օn occasion of detected cases, օn October 21 2019 criminal case has been charged in the Investigation Department of the NSS of RA, according to corresponding articles of the Criminal Code of RA. The preliminary investigation is underway.


Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA-by the court decision entered into legal force.