26 september 2019

Results of “Ararat-Antiterror 2019” Anti-Terrorism Exercise Summarized

Results of “Ararat-Antiterror 2019” Anti-Terrorism Exercise Summarized

From 25 to 26 September, the National Security Service of RA, in coordination with the Anti-Terrorism Center of the CIS Member-States (CIS ATC), conducted in the Republic of Armenia the assembly of the senior staff of anti-terrorism units of security agencies and special services of CIS Member-States and the “Ararat-Antiterror 2019” joint anti-terrorism exercise of competent authorities of CIS Member-States.

During the exercise, while carrying out coordinated operational-search operations to detect signs of preparation of terrorist acts at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex, the algorithms of cooperation of competent authorities of the Commonwealth countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) were mastered, the clandestine terrorist network operating in the territory of a number of CIS States was detected.  

With the assistance of the Coordination Headquarters at the CIS ATC, tasks aimed at identifying fighters of international terrorist organizations (ITOs), at preventing and suppressing terrorist acts under preparation at facilities of fuel and energy complex, as well as other facilities of vital importance of Commonwealth States, at detecting the clandestine undercover terrorist network, locating and arresting “fighters” of ITOs were completed.

Under the leadership of the republican operations headquarters to lead the counterterrorism operations (the Republic of Armenia), tasks pertaining to planning of forces and means, as well as to maintaining the sustainable and uninterrupted management of bodies and units, under the conditions of conducting counterterrorism operations, were worked out.

Algorithms for effective cooperation between the units of different agencies of the Republic of Armenia, while preventing the acts of terrorism at the facilities of vital importance, were specified and improved.

At the end of the “Ararat-Antiterror 2019” exercise, the executives of the NSS of RA and of the Anti-Terrorism Center of the CIS Member-States gave their positive assessment to the activities of all the units involved. The objectives of the exercise were achieved.