26 september 2019

Case of Committing Apparent Corruption Crime Detected

Case of Committing Apparent Corruption Crime Detected

The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia pursuing the rigorous implementation of functions, vested upon it by the law, aimed at combating crime and countering corruption, as a result of the undertaken operational and search measures, detected a case of committing an apparent corruption crime in the service sector of the Medical and Social Expertise Agency of the staff of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

According to the established factual data, a medical record clerk of the Commission of Medical and Social Expertise №1 of RA Ararat Region, in order to prolong the term for disability group, having promised through relevant officials to organize the abovementioned process for a bribe, demanded and received money from a RA citizen. The sum was handed over under the operational control of the officers of the NSS; immediately after that he was detained.     

On 25 September 2019 a criminal case has been initiated in the Investigation Department of the NSS of RA on the fact of the detected case, according to a corresponding article of the Criminal Code of RA.

The preliminary investigation is being conducted; the appropriate operational-search measures and investigative activities are being taken to detect persons involved in а possible corruption chain, to bring them to justice and to reveal the circle of citizens affected as a result of their actions.    

Note: The suspect or accused of an alleged crime is considered innocent as long as his guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA-by the court decision entered into legal force.