25 september 2019

Force Stage of “Ararat-Antiterror 2019” Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise of Competent Authorities of CIS Member-States Launched in Armenia

Force Stage of “Ararat-Antiterror 2019” Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise of Competent Authorities of CIS Member-States Launched in Armenia

On 25 September, within the framework of the second stage of “Ararat-Antiterror 2019” joint anti-terrorism exercise of the competent authorities of the CIS Member-States, the forces of special units of the “A” Department of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia conducted an operation to release hostages and to neutralize the simulated subversive-terrorist groups at the seized facilities, under the conditions of exploding the gas pipeline in the area of Koghb village of Tavush region of RA, armed seizure of the Abovyan station of the underground storage of gas, of the administrative building of the “Gazprom Armenia”  CJSC and the broadcast compound of the State  television company.

The work of the republican operations headquarters to lead the counterterrorism operation (CTO) was demonstrated, under the leadership of which the matters pertaining to planning, preparation and carrying out of the special operation on release of “hostages” and elimination of “terrorists” were worked out.

During the CTO, the special units demonstrated such operational-tactical activities, as isolation and neutralization of criminals, with the use of special technical equipment.

The “Ararat-Antiterror 2019” joint anti-terrorism exercise of the competent authorities of the CIS Member-States is conducted in three stages, with the overall duration of 7 days.

During the first stage, with the assistance of the Coordination Headquarters at the CIS ATC (from 9 to 13 September 2019), the units of security agencies and special services of seven CIS  States – Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – conducted coordinated operational-search operations to identify fighters of international terrorist organizations (ITO), to detect a clandestine terrorist network, to prevent and suppress planned terrorist acts at facilities of fuel and energy complex and other facilities of vital importance of Commonwealth States.

Issues on cooperation of CIS competent authorities were developed, including with the use of capabilities of information systems of collective use of security agencies, special services and law enforcement agencies of CIS Member-States, State systems of response to acts of terrorism were tested under real-life conditions.

On 26 September at the Baghramyan Training Ground of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, the final stage of the exercise will take place, i.e. the joint special operation of the Armed Forces, Police and Border Guard Troops of the NSS of the Republic of Armenia to isolate and neutralize illegal armed groups of terrorist nature at the border area, to eliminate the group of simulated terrorists who have seized the populated area. Units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will demonstrate operations to minimize the consequences of the terrorist act.     Joint anti-terrorism exercises of competent authorities of CIS Member-States are an important component of the system of practical cooperation of Commonwealth States. Their main goal is to increase readiness of security agencies, special services and other force structures of the CIS Member-States to jointly counter terrorist challenges and threats.

The Provision on the Procedure of Organization and Conduct of Joint Anti-Terrorism Operations in the Territories of the Member-States of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Program of Cooperation of the CIS Member-States in Combating Terrorism and Other Violent Manifestations of Extremism, adopted for a 3-year period, constitute the legal basis for conducting the exercises in the CIS.    

Since 2001, 15 similar exercises have been organized under the aegis of the CIS ATC; the subject matter of each one of them was developed taking into account the condition, dynamics and trends of spread of terrorist threats in the Commonwealth States and other regions of the world.

It is the second time that the exercises have been held in the territory of Armenia: In 2006 the site for conducting the exercises was the Armenian NPP (“Atom-Antiterror 2006”).