25 july 2019

Professional Discussion on Instruction of RA NSS Director

Professional Discussion on Instruction of RA NSS Director

On the instruction of the RA NSS Director Major General Artur Vanetsyan, a working discussion took place dedicated to certain main provisions of the criminal procedure legislation and to the legal regulations for conducting operational-search activities. 

Deputy Director of the NSS Colonel E. Martirosyan, Head of the Investigation Department Colonel A. Aghajanyan and the senior staff of the territorial subdivisions of the NSS were present at the discussion. Adviser to the NSS Director, Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor V.Yengibaryan delivered a report.

Issues related to the grounds and conditions for implementing certain investigative activities and operational-search measures were discussed during the meeting. The recent developments of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights and the RA Court of Cassation related to the subject matter were touched upon.

At the same time, certain issues were raised related to citizens' applications-complaints, reports about crime, preparation of materials, etc.

At the end of the meeting, the participants, having summed up the results of the discussion, highlighted the necessity to make certain legislative changes in the corresponding fields.