17 july 2019

Official Facebook Page of NSS of RA is opening

Official Facebook Page of NSS of RA is opening

Dear colleagues,

The Press Center of the National Security Service of RA is opening its official Facebook page under the name ʺՀՀ Ազգային Անվտանգության Ծառայությունʺ (National Security Service of RA). It should be mentioned that a page and groups titled ʺԱզգային Անվտանգությունʺ (National Security) have been functioning in the Facebook social media for a long time that have no connection with the activities of the NSS of RA.   

Henceforth, through the Facebook page you can follow the activities of Director of the NSS A. Vanetsyan, official newsfeed of the service, find interesting stories about Armenian intelligence officers, their activities, unique historical samples that are in the museum of the NSS, as well as get acquainted with other important and interesting information related to the national security of RA.



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