16 july 2019

Working Consultation on Instruction of RA NSS Director

Working Consultation on Instruction of RA NSS Director

On 16 July a working consultation led by Deputy Director of the NSS of RA Colonel E. Martirosyan took place on the instruction of the RA NSS Director; Adviser to the NSS Director, Professor, Doctor of Juridical Science Vahe Yengibaryan delivered a speech. Head of the Investigation Department and the senior staff of the Yerevan City Directorate of the NSS of RA participated in the consultation.

The meeting was dedicated to the main issues of conducting operational-search measures, in particular, motions submitted to court, the possible limits of the disclosure of their bases, etc.

During the consultation, the raised issues were discussed taking into account the recent developments of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights and the RA Court of Cassation.

Proceeding from the necessity to establish a unified practice, the model samples of the already elaborated working form were presented, as well as some provisions of the RA Law “On Operational-Search Activities” were discussed; a decision was made to develop proposals for legislative changes to additionally develop and improve those provisions.

During the working consultation, the issues on the discussion and the subsequent processing of citizens' applications-complaints and reports about crimes were touched upon.