21 december 2018

The 100th Anniversary of the Formation of Armenian Security Bodies

The 100th Anniversary of the Formation of Armenian Security Bodies

On December 20 a ceremonial meeting on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the formation of Security Bodies of Armenia and Professional Holiday of National Security officer was held in the National Security Service of Republic of Armenia.
Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan took part in the ceremonial meeting.
Director of the NSS of RA Arthur Vanetsyan made an opening speech. Congratulating the whole personnel of the National Security Service and the veterans on the Professional Holiday, Director of the NSS of RA noted in his speech: “The velvet, not violent revolution made by our nation that admired the civilized world, and the following domestic policy and economic wide-ranging reforms continue to proceed in conditions when the external threats, in particular, the intelligence and other harmful pursuits of special services, organizations, as well as individuals of hostile states are not stepped down”. The Director of the NSS of RA stressed in his speech: “The task for all of us is one – to impose conditions and guarantees so that the systemic corruption in our country will never be able to produce sprouts”.

Summarizing the works done, Director of the NSS of RA noted: “I am proud to state that the National Security Service perhaps never had such a great popular support. It's a great honor for us and meanwhile highest responsibility. The National Security Bodies of Republic of Armenia were and henceforth will be standing in the positions of safeguarding the security of the nation and the state”.

On the occasion of the Professional Holiday the acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also warmly congratulated the National Security officers: “In the modern history of Armenia our National Security Bodies in general and each of you personally have contributed to the establishment of our state and its security. It's an extensive, sometimes or very often invisible, but a very important work and activity”.

The acting Prime Minister of RA stated that after the revolution the NSS has undertaken a special role in the fight against corruption. “Today we are building a qualitatively new state, new society. Corruption, bribery, the impunity of the felony offenders, misuse of official position and everything in general that misinterprets the essence of democracy, must be ruled out in new Armenia”.

The acting Prime Minister of RA also highlighted: “It was not accepted in the past to speak of human rights and democracy with the representatives of law enforcement agencies but from now on we will do since the respect for the constitutional order means first of all the protection of people's power from all possible encroachments. The values professed by the revolution are enshrined in the Constitution of our country. By protecting the people you protect the source of power. There is not a source of power other than people of Armenia. Please remember that the corruption is not just a matter of money. Systemic corruption is directly linked to the processes of seizing power from the nation and illegal possession of power. We will not allow this together with you and our entire society”.

The chairman of NSS Veterans' Council colonel Navasard Minasyan also made a welcoming speech to the officers of National Security Bodies.

By the decree of the President of RA and by the decisions of the acting Prime Minister a number of NSS officers were awarded with state rewards, acknowledgements and service medals for the bravery and dedication performed during official duties.

On the occasion of 100th anniversary of the formation of Security Bodies and on the Professional Holiday the Secretary of Security Council Armen Grigoryan, acting Defense Minister David Tonoyan, Chief of Police of RA Valeri Osipyan, Prosecutor General of RA Arthur Davtyan, acting Minister of Emergency Situations Feliks Tsolakyan, Director of NSS of Artsakh Samvel Shahramanyan, Head of the SIS Sasun Khachatryan, Chairman of Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan congratulated the NSS officers and awarded with ministerial awards.

By the orders of Director of the NSS of RA a number of veterans and officers of the Service were awarded with medals, pins and letters of award.